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Nice simple platform game. I liked the level design, level had varied challenges so the game didn't run out of ideas. I especially liked the maze-like areas with the smaller blocks--a nice change of pace. If I would suggest adding anything it would be good to have a smoother transition or delay after you die, maybe have the camera pan back to the respawn point before the player reappears or something. Still, cool little game :)

thanks , i found it just after posting the question !

nice game

is it possible to get through the maze bit in the forest ? i cant find a way through ...

Yes, there's a secret passageway you can enter. It's entrance to it is near the fire.

Deleted 1 year ago

To get the good ending, you need to beat the game quickly enough. By quickly enough, I mean in under 3 minutes. Good luck!

ahhhhhhh ok!